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This letter is a continuation of the letter printed in Sept. 24, 2021 edition of the Independent.

Ensure property values – I really don’t think this is an issue especially the last couple of years.  Property values can be affected if so many restrictions are placed on property – who wants to invest in a home much less a business!

Maintain Laguna’s Charm — there are some pretty decrepit buildings here in town and it takes time and money to fix – we have an ordinance that forbids building higher than 3 stories – we have coastal commission that is working on same issues. People do have input and city council gives each project great thought. So instead we vote on these issues every few years—at the cost of what and who pays to put these on the ballot. Please understand what it takes.

Reduce City Operational Costs – the members of Village Laguna who get on city council are the ones who raise the costs – continually going over same issues, listening to every one of their supporters (and they pack city council meetings), consultant over consultants maybe hoping that they finally can get one to make Village Laguna’s wishes come true, maintenance crews that have to maintain our streets and safety because of the city eucalyptus tree when other trees don’t require as much maintenance and are healthier. Right now, so many of our old eucalyptus are dying or are diseased (that’s a fire hazard) and might even provide more shade and add elegance to our streets. Setting up and taking down a multitude of “events” which of course brings lots of visitors (see last week’s letter). So I hope readers will truly evaluate these points, consider the implications and discuss with neighbors and friends in Laguna.

Ganka Brown, Laguna Beach

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