Murals Restore Livability


It appeared to me that Verizon and Whole Foods Market were planning to convert their shared parking lot into a drive-in theatre and filling the former seating area with sand and a merry-go-round.

Then instead of a movie screen on the south grey wall, it got a fresh coat of paint and four very large murals by artists Bonn, Moran, Swimm and Tauber appeared mysteriously.

What an inviting colorful transformation to that former bleak-looking building. The project transformed a space for garbage collection into an inviting public space.

Surprise us. What more is planned for the new nook? Thank you to both Verizon and Whole Foods for the makeover. Your shared cooperation is a model for other businesses throughout Laguna to improve livability in our town.


Les Miklosy, Laguna Beach

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