A Neighbor’s Plea to Trim Your Tree


I am writing again to remind your readers that before the village entrance debacle, there was the view preservation problem, which seems to have fallen by the wayside. We began the process a year ago and it seems to have fizzled out to a dim flame from the firestorm from whence it began. I am concerned that the strong ordinance we were working so hard for might turn out to be another flimsy piece of legislation that doesn’t do any more than what we’ve had in place all along. I cannot begin to tell you how disappointing this will be for me and so many others impacted here in Laguna Beach.

I know that people love their trees. I love trees too. I’m a backpacker and an environmentalist and I do all I can to protect the planet, but I specifically bought my home for its view. Now I’m watching it slowly be devoured by a big, scraggly, overgrown tree that is three times bigger than the house it belongs to. And the tree just happens to be behind that home, which has a completely unobstructed whitewater view of its own. The tree in question provides neither privacy nor shade, and the owner of the house doesn’t even live there. I sent a friendly letter to them back in February asking to trim the tree at my expense and eight months later I’m still waiting.

I cannot understand why we have to jump through hoops to build in this town especially if a view is at stake, but trees can just grow unchecked. The very value of my home is at stake if I lose the view I bought it for. People can laugh about “rich people’s problems” all they want, but I am certainly not rich. If I were, I’d be living on the beach and this wouldn’t be an issue. I’m just an average woman who spent her life working toward a little piece of paradise with a view. So if you are one of these people who have been asked to trim your tree to share the wealth of your view with those of us behind you, won’t you please consider doing so? Isn’t the sheer happiness of a fellow human being and harmony among neighbors more important that a few feet of branches on a tree?

Marsha Bianchi, Laguna Beach


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