Neptune’s Generosity Nurtures Many Civic Causes

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I encourage all Lagunans to let the Festival of Arts board know that they should renew the lease of Tivoli Terrace. One can go to the Tivoli Terrace Facebook page to sign a petition online. Tivoli Terrace has been a great member of the Laguna Beach community for many years and should stay.

June and Terry Neptune moved to Laguna Beach in 1948. Tivoli Terrace has been located at the Irvine Bowl Park, Festival of the Arts grounds since 1971 and its lease renewed at least six times.

Terry Neptune served on the city’s telecommunication committee from the early 1970s to mid 1990s, and hosted the local show “Hello Laguna,” which was televised on the local cable channel from the late 1980s to the mid 1990s. Terry Neptune died in 2000.

Many weddings, memorials, and birthday parties have also been hosted at Tivoli Terrace, including Arnold Hano’s 90th birthday party.

Since the early 1990s Tivoli Terrace has hosted dinners for the Laguna Canyon Conservancy, helping to generate action and educate Laguna on environmental issues. Many Laguna Greenbelt Dilley dinners and meetings have been hosted at Tivoli Terrace. To help save the Laguna Art Museum many “Save Laguna Art Museum“ dinner meetings were held in 1995-96 as fundraisers.

June and Terry Neptune have had a special place in their heart for animals and have generously supported and continue to support the Laguna Beach Animal Shelter, RUFF, The Blue Bell Foundation for Cats and many others organizations.

June Neptune and Tivoli Terrace should be allowed to continue to serve the Laguna Beach community. The Festival of Arts Board should renew June’s lease.

Gene Felder, Laguna Beach

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