New Book Celebrates Strong Girls


write stuff Sweet PennyAuthors Richard Fairgray and Alexander Burke will discuss their new book, “Sweet Penny & the Lion” at 3 p.m. Sunday, March 11, at Laguna Beach Books, 1200 S. Coast Highway.

One day on the playground Penny’s class is playing a game when a lion hops over the fence. Penny’s classmates scream and scatter, but Penny was told to stay right where she was. And so she does. And the lion eats her. She punches and kicks her way out of the lion’s dark belly and when she emerges, not-so-sweet Penny will never be taken advantage of again.

Told in verse, Fairgray and Burke’s wickedly funny picture book is a celebration of strong girls and a call to, “Be bold, be loud, shout out, and speak up,” because “sometimes it’s hard to be brave.”

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