New Figures Stride at LCAD’s Gates

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Sculptor Brittany Ryan at work on the “Walker” sculpture.
Sculptor Brittany Ryan at work on the “Walkers” sculpture.

“Canyon Walkers,” a trio of larger-than-life figurative sculptures, are to be installed along Laguna Canyon Road at Laguna College of Art and Design next month.

The public is welcome to witness their unveiling at 3 p.m. on Thursday, April 26.

The two-times life-size female figures cast in plaster that have marked the college’s main campus for nearly 10 years were removed last week. They were intended to last for five years and have been repaired numerous times. They degraded due to exposure to the elements and proximity to the beach.

The three replacement sculptures titled, “The Art Student,” “ Hiker and Companion” and “Traveler” were conceived and designed by Brittany Ryan, a former student and member of the sculpture faculty.

She led a team of sculptors and recent LCAD graduates, including Atiyeh Hess (game art), Charlie Goering (fine art), Elizabeth Alvarez (illustration) and Maxwell Gerber, (game art).

“‘Canyon Walkers’ will complement and capture the free-thinking, artistic spirit of Laguna Canyon,” President Jonathan Burke said in a statement.

“Canyon Walkers” is the first large-scale public art installation for Ryan, who has exhibited at the Festival of Arts for four years. Last year, she was commissioned to create a sculpture of LCAD co-founder, Nellie Gail Moulton.

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