New Leader Directs the Community Clinic

Retired clinic doctor Tom Bent, left, and Jorge Rubal, the newly named medical director. Photo by Carolyn Bent.
Retired clinic doctor Tom Bent, left, and Jorge Rubal, the newly named medical director.
Photo by Carolyn Bent.

Dr. Jorge Rubal has been named chief executive officer and medical director of the Laguna Beach Community Clinic. For the past three and half years he has been associate director of the clinic.

Dr. Tom Bent, who served as medical director for 14 years, retired in September. “Dr. Bent’s retirement leaves me with big shoes to fill and a debt of gratitude,” says a statement from Rubal, who met Bent in 2004 when he was a third year medical student. “Looking back I can see that through the years he’s been preparing me, inspiring me, for a time such as this,” said Rubal, a board-certified family physician said in a statement.

Bent navigated through cuts in government funding, the introduction of the Affordable Care Act and the transition to electronic record keeping.

“It’s a source of pride for our town to have one of the finest facilities in Southern California,” said Councilwoman Toni Iseman. “It speaks of the compassion of our residents. Our residents will have a safety net we can count on …”

The transition went smoothly, says a statement from Bent. “I am proud to pass the tradition of leadership on to the next generation. Leonardo da Vinci said ‘poor is the student who does not exceed his teacher.’ Dr. Rubal has brought the Clinic to a new age of excellence and the future is secure.”


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  1. As having Dr. Tom Bent as my physician for many years, (although Dr. Rubal is probably the only Dr. I could accept as a replacement) I am going through a withdrawals if having Dr. Tom Bent as not only my Dr. But considered him also a confidant & friend. I had never felt protected & nor trusted a Dr. in my entire life before him. I only felt like a number & never cared about. I can’t believe I will never see him again. It’s a loss I am not sure I will get past. I know I will have to, but having no real family, he filled a gap for me. 😥. Leah Rose Green

  2. Dr. Bent really changed my life direction and helped me so much. He was more than just a doctor, he was a friend and I know he really cared. Thanks Dr Bent 🙏


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