New Tax Hurts Seniors, Lacks Fairness



I am writing on behalf of my 100-year-old mother, a homeowner, regarding your proposed $10/month parcel “flat tax” to purchase open space within our city.

As caregiver to my bed-bound mother, I am given to understand from today’s articles (“Campaign Starts for Open Space Tax,” April 22) regarding your proposal, that she, who lives on low income assistance and

Social Security, will be forced, if your proposal is voted in, to pay $120 in additional taxes each year on her home with no ocean view.

That is the same amount due from a multimillion dollar ocean front home in our

city owned by a more wealthy citizen, or a landlord of an apartment building.

Are you aware that there has been no increase in Social Security payments

for two years, while the price of food, gas, and healthcare has gone up

multiple times?

Just when the Laguna Laurel bond has matured, you have decided that we

seniors should have to pay for something new, something my 100-year-old

bedbound mother will never get to enjoy?


Sandi Werthe, Laguna Beach

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