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I have nothing against motorcyclists, and some of their machines are beautiful, chromed and shinny, high revving, and high powered.  Why is it that there are some who are insistent upon making their ‘bikes” so extremely noisy ? It must be a “Hey Marcel, watch this” factor at work.


The excessive noise emanating from illegal motorcycle exhaust pipes is unnerving to most people. It travels for blocks from Coast Highway and our main roadways and resonates into our normally quiet residential neighborhoods.


A few inconsiderate motorcycle riders roar up and down my neighborhood’s residential streets at all hours of day and night with their excessive exhaust noise disturbing our animals, our neighborhood tranquility, even our sleep.  Their speed and their “get out of my way” attitude is endangering the safety of the young children of our neighborhood and those who walk for their health.


Toni Iseman once promoted an aggressive and successful crack down on these few riders via an anti excessive vehicle noise campaign. She should revive it as a new beginning toward “zero tolerance” when it comes to vehicle noise violators and speeders.


Safer and quieter streets in our neighborhoods would sure be nice again.


Don Knapp, Laguna Beach


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  1. Some people like machines that make a lot of noise. Some people don’t like machines that make a lot of noise. Some people prefer quiet.

    Unfortunately, there’s lots of money to be made in the noisy machine industry. Thus it shall always be.

  2. At some point, the issue of excessive noise becomes an issue of whose rights override the others’. Much as the non-smoker’s right to not smell and breathe cigarette smoke, the public should be able to enjoy conversations and generally acceptable noise levels. The laws that are on the books are not put there to deprive Joe Loudness his freedom of expression. They are an attempt to ensure a certain level of quality of life for those who are not signed up on the loud pipe program.

    All the motorcyclists who loud piped it past the councilwoman’s house should be ashamed of themselves. They must have never heard of the Golden Rule.

    For the record, it is not only motorcycles and, certainly not just Harley and Harley type bikes that have offensive exhausts. Thing is, that most of those very Harley type riders are old guys like me. They should know by the time they get to that age that they are part of a community and that community doesn’t appreciate their selfish indulgences.

    The issue of businesses complaining that motorcyclists stay away from your town due to enforcement of sensible laws is ludicrous. It is comparable to complaining that speeders should be allowed to speed or they may stay away.

    I applaud Laguna Beach for acting in the interest of quality of life for its residences and its visitors. I will continue to visit your town and patronize your businesses.

    I have four quiet motorcycles and two quiet cars. My vehicles are not noise machines with which to “express myself” with noise. Thank you for listening……..if you can.

    Chuck Hoefer


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