Objections to an Offensive Ad


I was looking at your paper, dated April 19, 2013. On page 34, I found an objectionable advertisement by Mr. Felders. I object to this sort of propaganda by a local paper which has a statement that submitted material to be local in nature.

This advertisement may contribute to mistreatment of Muslims. It further demonstrates that your paper is for advocating religious intolerance. I never supported bin Laden nor other religious zealots.

There are many derogatory statements which Christian priests have said about Muslims which one could use to counter what is printed in your paper. There are many statements by U.S. officials including secretary of state in which she said killing over 500,000 Iraqi children was worth the price for sanctions.

Please stop printing material (paid or not paid) which can harm people with different faiths. Thank you.


Dr. Mohammad Ala, Laguna Beach

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