The Occupy Movement’s Next Target?


Occupy Treasure Island Park! The privatizers are at it everywhere (“Clash Over Prying Eyes in a Public Park,” July 20) and it’s time to push back.

They, the upper 2 -3% of the wealth holders that control about 60% of the nation’s wealth, are working on two fronts: get rid of public services and get rid of public property.

A property owner at the Montage compound stations a security guard adjacent to park property to tell the riff raff, that would be you and me, that it’s only a matter of time until there are no public parks, no public spaces, no public libraries, no public postal service, no public schools, no public service agencies- nothing. They’ll own everything! They will own it all and control it all.

We will be allowed to go to work for them (92% of Americans who are working are employees, making the real money for someone else. Don’t believe it? Find a graph showing how huge the wealth gap between the richest and the rest of us has grown in the past 30 years!) and shop in their malls and pay for entertainment and leisure activities that they provide; you see, in their eyes that’s why we are here: do the work that makes them the money and go spend our wages on goods and entertainment that puts even more money in their pockets.

So get down there! Let these people who think that private security guards know that this is our park and we aren’t going anywhere!

And while you’re at it, call city hall and tell them you want the picnic tables back!


Mary Dolphin, Laguna Beach

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