Olympian meets newly-formed Laguna rugby club team

(Left to Right) Maurice Dowles, Grant Latimer, Chase Williams, Kellen Dyer, Owen Dyer, Micah Chaves, Bobby Impson, Ben Pinkleman, Ranen Schenck, Tyler Montgomery, Malik Hassan, Jeremy Kanter, Euan Latimer, James Golden, Craig Dawson, and Ben Dawson at Moulton Meadows on Dec. 17. Photo courtesy of Grant Latimer

Laguna Beach Youth Rugby Club was visited by U.S. Olympic Rugby player Ben Pinkelman at Moulton Meadows on Friday.

Pinkelman has represented the USA at the 2016 Rio Olympics and the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan. The Olympian shared some of his insider knowledge and years of experience playing at the top level.

Laguna Beach Rugby, a private organization incorporated in October, draws at least 80% of its players from Laguna Beach High School so they can play on Guyer Field. Almost all players have no prior experience playing rugby.

Head Coach Bobby Impson, a former teammate of Pinkleman, will lead the team into their first season on Jan. 7. The Beakers will visit JSerra to take on the current title holders and three other schools affiliated with Southern California Youth Rugby. A Rugby Sevens game will play at Guyer Field on Jan. 21.

For more information visit lagunabeachrugby.com.

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