Open Letter to Injured Skateboarder:


Open Letter to Injured Skateboarder:

This letter is to the skateboarder who ran the stop sign Tuesday evening at St. Ann’s going onto Catalina.  First of all, I hope you’re OK – your knee looked pretty bad after you hit the back of my car.  My trim popped back in and the scuffed bumper is something I can buff away, but I’m not going to be able to drive down that street ever again without slowing down at the intersection and worrying about hitting a skateboarder.

You and your friend didn’t want to stay and get medical help.  The other driver who stopped and called 911 got a fire truck to show up, and we pointed out the direction you were walking, so hopefully they found you and took a look at your knee.

You were lucky this time.  Reckless skateboarding even on side streets will show you quickly how you are not invulnerable.  I hope you take this as a lesson learned.

I know this is a sensitive issue in our community, but I can’t fathom how any parent would go through what I went through and argue for their kids’ rights to skateboard fast down our hills.  For the parents whose son came home Tuesday night with an injured knee, you are lucky to still have your child.




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