Open-Minded Decision Making Wins His Vote



One of the things I like best about Steve as a city politician is that he approaches every issue or problem or request with an open mind and makes his decision on what it best for the city. He is not encumbered by bias or obligations to certain power political action committees in the city.

The senseless character assassination by members of some of the local power PACs is disgusting at best and criminal at worst. Anyone can suddenly find themselves in financial stress when their employer folds up or cuts back.

I don’t know and don’t care if Steve or any other candidate made a meaningless error on filling out all the paper work required to run for office.  Believe me, anyone can make an error on a piece of all the required forms.  I can remember long ago when I had to do it and never would have finished it without the very helpful assistance of the city clerk.

A vote for Steve is a vote for good representative government.


Dave Connell, Laguna Beach


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  1. The author of this letter is confused. No one has made any allegations against Mr. Dicterow’s Form700 CANDIDATE filings <check the video of the 18Oct16 City Council meeting). The allegations are about his ANNUAL Economic Interest filings required as a public office holder. These filings are required ANNUALLY, so Mr. Dicterow, an attorney, has filed them at least 15 times in his elected career. They are also filed under penalty of perjury. Constant lack of proper disclosure; repeated over the years. This is a pattern, not an innocent mistake.


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