Open-Space Stewards Need Support

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A recent Saturday program on KX 93.5 talked about Laguna’s 22,000-acre open space and one of the organizations that maintain and protect the land, the Laguna Canyon Foundation. It made me wonder why we don’t hear more about the open space and the groups that provide these services for our benefit. We all love our open space – whether because we hike, ride our mountain bikes, or simply profit from the increased property values the greenbelt brings.

The story of how the canyon was preserved is an amazing tale of foresight, grit and courage that began over 25 years ago when Laguna residents stopped 3,200 homes from being built in the Canyon. To prevent future development, residents voted overwhelmingly to tax themselves to purchase the land and preserve it as open space in perpetuity. How awesome!

Laguna Canyon Foundation was founded to facilitate additional land purchases, securing dozens of contiguous parcels that make up the South Coast Wilderness. Today, Laguna Canyon Foundation exists as a steward to the land, ensuring that it remains beautiful, accessible and a viable wildlife habitat.

This land might have been a gift from a previous generation, but now it is our responsibility. Each of us as dedicated users of the open space or simply Laguna residents whose property values and quality of life benefit from our greenbelt need to be part of supporting it. Protect what you love, and support this wonderful organization that does so much to keep our coastal canyons beautiful.

Dave Csira, Laguna Beach

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