Open Space, Worth the Investment


Re: “Thumbs Up for Space” May 27 edition.

Kudos to Steve Dicterow for writing such an eloquent, well-written, and persuasive article about the open space initiative. I can’t think of anything he left out.

The only thing I might add is to put into perspective how little it would cost each of us. I understand why some people have a knee-jerk reaction to any mention of adding to our taxes, but, think of the value for our money. For only $10 a month, the cost of a typical breakfast or lunch, we can invest in the permanent ambience that makes Laguna Beach a special place. It enhances the scenic beauty of our local greenbelt, it improves our property values, and it helps to maintain the natural landscape we are proud of and enjoy.

On a yearly basis it would cost us only $125, just about the cost of a dinner for two at one of our local restaurants. I won’t miss that investment, not like I would if I didn’t enjoy my dinner.  My point, quite simply is that the amount of money per household is quite small and it clearly adds to our quality of life, which is just as important as the money that provides for police and fire protection.

Allan Schoenherr,

Laguna Beach

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