Opinion: Let’s Raise Our Flags


A rainbow flag flies at a Brownes Flower Shop in Laguna Beach during Pride Month. The Laguna Beach LGBTQ+ Heritage & Culture Alliance is offering free Pride flags to those who would like to fly one. Photo/Chris Tebbutt

By Chris Tebbutt 

The month of June is officially LGBTQ+ Heritage & Culture Month in Laguna Beach, as unanimously proclaimed by City Council five years ago in 2017. It’s the time of year when our City honors the rich contributions of the gay community to Laguna Beach. City Hall proudly raises the rainbow flag for the entire month of June. 

Given the current politicization and recent record-breaking number of anti-LGTBQ+ legislation across our country, it is even more important to show support to our residents and visitors. This year gives us the opportunity to demonstrate the resilience of Laguna Beach and recognition that Pride, at its core, is about showing every member of our LGBTQ+ community that they are not alone. That we see them. That they matter. 

Whether you are LGBTQ+ or a valued ally, we invite all Laguna Beach residents, businesses and organizations to raise the rainbow flag for the month of June. Raise the rainbow flag to give hope to the high school student who is afraid to be who they are and feels that life may never get better. Raise the rainbow flag for a senior citizen that is alone and needs to feel they belong. Be that unsuspecting ally that, by raising your flag, will speak volumes. Whether you are a business or resident, raise the rainbow flag for everyone who may find it comforting, uplifting and welcoming during these uncertain times. Let’s color this town in rainbows to show that we honor the extraordinary culture and heritage of the LGBTQ+ community in Laguna Beach.

If you would like to fly a rainbow flag and don’t have one, we will be happy to safely deliver one and help you hang it at no cost. Email [email protected] or call/text (949) 485-9898. 

Chris is the co-founder of the Laguna Beach LGBTQ+ Heritage & Culture Alliance.

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