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A Few Election Observations

Congratulation to Democrats, with Biden you won a close one. But hardly a barnburner.  Certainly not a Blue Wave.

The idea that the country is turning Blue? That sure took it on the head. Texas Blue?  Florida? Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kentucky? Give me a break.

The election was a referendum on Trump. The majority got tired of his act. Joe is a nice enough guy, but really a placeholder as the United States hangs out for a time in the Psych Ward. 

And the election gives rise to the notion that all pollsters should be hanged. As Willie Brown, formerly the all-powerful Speaker of the California Assembly and Kamala Harris’ mentor stated: bookies would be better pollsters.

Pollsters explain it away and walk away.

But if bookies lose, they have to pay you. Over/under, points, whatever; they gotta pay.  They’re on the line.

Further, if the Democrats are so cool, figure it out why over 70 million people voted for Donald. To me, that is an easy one. Folks are tired of who the Democrats have become: Politically correct, “woke,” college-educated elitists. They are people who talk down to you, their noses firmly in the air as they go about telling you what is best for you.

As Bill Maher said, Democrats now embody every hypersensitive social justice warrior who springs into action at any sign of someone’s oh-so-sensitive feelings by trying to “cancel” the perpetrator. Sen. Al Franken “got caught” in a photo “inappropriately” pranking a sleeping woman on a USO tour. He was forced to resign from the U.S. Senate without even a hearing.

The Democrats also endlessly apologize for micro-transgressions of all kinds. In a new movie, Anne Hathaway plays a witch with three claw-like fingers. Almost immediately she had to apologize to the “finger-challenged” community.

All this is crazy and it is no wonder voters react negatively. 

In Laguna, the proxy for the Democratic Party is Village Laguna (VL). It too thinks it is holier than thou and parades its stripes. It won a city council seat with its candidate George Weiss. He won because Village Laguna’s election strategy was to demonize Liberate Laguna (LL) and it did a great job of that. But there are two costs:

  1. VL’s campaign was sophisticated, vicious, ugly and full of lies about LL and its candidates. This has cost Village Laguna its carefully crafted image of harmless little old ladies and men who just want what is right for Laguna. Their campaign was anything but that. So much for civility.
  2. I do not know winner George Weiss and he seems a likable enough guy.  However, he has a reputation for shooting off his mouth, like Councilman Peter Blake (I love you Peter, but…). This provides an opportunity for both to go off, with council meetings degrading into a series of ultimately boring circuses.

Swell, just what we need in Laguna. 

With that, I will leave the elections behind. Just breathe, I tell myself. Relax. You’ll get over it. We’ll get over it. 

But on the other hand, don’t hold your breath.

Michael is Co-Founder of Orange County School of The Arts and The Discovery Cube.

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