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A Sensational Life

A concept is defined as an abstract mental picture held as static and unchanging.

When we lock our self-knowledge into static definitions, we keep our self-awareness bound, gagged and stuffed into small, labeled compartments that lock us into a predictable, easily understood and labeled life.

Imagine that you find yourself exactly where you live today, with one exception. This place is located in The Land of Indifference. This land provides every citizen with many perceived benefits.

All that is necessary is that you commit to wearing a cloak of indifference that is tailored to your exact measurements, so that you are always surrounded and protected by the illusion of safety, surety, familiarity, predictability, total control, and protection from any outside harm.

All that is required from you is to encase your senses in a protective coating so that you no longer hear your inner voice when it expresses discontentment, sadness, frustration, irritation, or disappointment.

You no longer see with eyes that are open, innocent and curious. Instead, you wear safety glasses that lull your vision into seeing everything around you as predictable and already known.

Imagine walking through the space that you live in with elevated indifference. Invite the people that you believe you love and care about to come to visit you, as you look at them with disinterest. They speak but you only hear their words, not the deeper meanings behind their words.

In the land of indifference, you are expected to be uninvolved and disconnected from anything that might jar your preconceived notions of who you are and what you already know. There is nothing that is expected of you, other than to make sure to keep your senses dulled and your heart packed heavily with unexpressed and hidden longings, erased and unacknowledged losses, and deeper intentions that would disturb this web of numbed indifference that keeps you encased in pretend perfection.

Why should you risk venturing out into unexplored territory? What would happen if you discarded the cloak of indifference and opened the door to invite fresh air to enter?

Imagine walking outside, into the winds of change, as they begin to swirl around you. What new futures are calling to you? What images and shapes are beginning to form, as you tilt your head back and look up into the sky and see your clouds of discontentment, which you have been unwilling to acknowledge?

Clear your eyes, and peer into your future on the wings of curiosity and innocence that are willing to lift you above your present disillusionments. Unblock your hearing so that you can fully listen to your internal weather report. Count the beats between the rumbling thunders from your ingested, stagnant injustices that have been keeping your heart weighted down.

Celebrate the lightning strikes of electricity that want to illuminate your new path. Revel in the relief of allowing the rain to wash away your closeted heart hurts, and quench the thirst of your parched and restricted inner wishes, hopes and dreams.

Now, step out and allow yourself to be bathed in the rays of the sun. Take a few moments to drink in its power to illuminate your heart.

Open your mind, soften your heart, deepen your awareness, and strengthen your resolve to embrace new opportunities to be kissed by the knowledge that a sensational life is patiently waiting for you to heed its wake-up call.

Susan is a local author and teaches personal leadership development workshops locally. Reach her at: susanvelasquez.com

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  1. Susan Velasquez’ columns are one of the regular treats of reading the Indy. This one on the “cloak of indifference” particularly resonated since it felt like something many of us have experienced during the pandemic lock down. We are blessed to live in our beautiful community circled by cliffs, shaded by trees and bird song, rimmed with beaches and waves, and peopled with a caring, thoughtful populace. Drink in the views, enjoy exchanges of ideas with others, and seal the memories of both for revisiting during future tough times.

  2. Hi Deborah, I love that you took the time to share your thoughts on embracing a sensational life. It makes writing the columns even more enjoyable when the topic creates a moment of connection between us. Thank you! Warmly, Susan


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