Outdoor Merchandise Rules Inconvenience Customers

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I went to fill my gallon jug at Ralph’s last week, and the machine was gone! As were all the potted plant racks outside near the entrance.

I was told the city would not allow sales of items displayed outside the store. I can understand the city not wanting items displayed outside stores, on public sidewalks. But the area outside is part of their property, not a public sidewalk! There is obviously no room inside that crowded store to put a water machine.

Sooo…we have to drive out of town (in the horrendous traffic these days) to fill our water jug…or buy a gallon jug of water in the store and end up with empty plastic bottles to get rid of? Ridiculous!


Barbara Harley, Laguna Beach

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  1. yes, i agree. our city code enforcement and parking enforcement officers are doing such a good job they’re putting people (stores) out of business. if i wanted draconian, iron-fisted laws enforced at every step i made, i’d live in Irvine or Pyongyang.


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