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The Burning Desire to Endure

Some people are doers and some are planners. Monika Olson is both. From competing in a triathlon to spending a week in the desert at Burning Man, she lives for tests of endurance. Burning Man requires extensive planning, as there is nothing for sale at the event other than ice...
Posted On 29 Sep 2015


Toy Robot Builders Stand Up to Rivals

Local students mixed robotics and LEGOs to bring home two top trophies from the first Orange County LEGO League Robotics Competition in Irvine this past weekend. Team LEGOna Beach is having its second year of success with Thurston students Michael Beu, Jack Fast, and Michael...


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Outdoor Hoarders Create Visual Blight

Editor, As I walk around many neighborhoods and talk to folks who live in them, an issue that seems to plague many comes up frequently – neighbors who hoard junk (if it isn’t junk, then why store it outside and subject it to the elements) in their yards be it the front, side or...