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End of an Era for Laguna Terrace Park

Laguna Terrace Park, the family owned 156-space mobilehome neighborhood with ocean-views in South Laguna, is in escrow, though the buyer was not identified, according to a company involved in the sale. Vince Reynolds, a broker for CBRE in San Diego, declined to identify the buyer...

Beloved Friend Needs His Community’s Support

By Justin Swanson | LB Indy   In 2006, Laguna Beach resident Tom Kemp was driving northbound on Coast Highway, passing El Morro. By utter chance, his friend Marc Pitz drove behind him. A southbound car drifted into oncoming traffic and hit Kemp’s car head on. Pitz swerved...

Expensive Decision Looms Over Treatment Plant

Every home and business in Laguna Beach with a toilet contributes to the waste stream flowing into a treatment plant located within the Aliso Canyon wilderness park, upstream from Aliso Beach. From there, the solid waste, or sludge, crosses four miles of parkland underground...



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Graciously Pursuing Beauty

Editor, The Laguna Beach Beautification Council wishes to extend its thanks and gratitude to all of the people and companies who so generously supported its 60th anniversary diamond jubilee last Monday at The Montage resort.  Silent auction donors included:  The Montage resort,...

Putting Solar Glare Under the Spotlight

Editor, My high school geometry teacher would be rolling over in is grave if he had attended the council meeting where glare from solar panels was discussed. Unless your home or business is up 400 feet on the ocean side of the Community Center, glare from solar modules is...

Kelp, Frustration Mounts

Editor, Two weeks ago I emailed a letter to each council member regarding budget allocations, what money is and isn’t appropriated for things like sidewalk maintenance, flood prevention, and something that’s been gnawing at me for over two months now – the two...