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Heiresses Leave Lasting Heritage

Part 1 Pennsylvania mining heiresses Blanche and Florence Dolph chose the coastal foothills of Laguna and south Orange County as the focus of their property investments in the early 1900s.   Blanche, the more prominent of the sisters, was not just an investor. While Florence...

Still a Pit Stop for Presidential Hopefuls

BY SUZANNE DUNN Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stopped briefly last month. So did one of her Democratic rivals, New Mexico’s governor, Bill Richardson. Four years ago, so did presidential candidate Wesley Clark. While far from the nation’s Capital, Laguna holds its own as...

Tales of The Tell: Part 2

                      By Mark Chamberlain, Special to the Indy In the Spring of 1989, my partner Jerry Burchfield and I, with the help of scores of dedicated supporters, undertook the erection of the largest photographic...



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Open Letter to Injured Skateboarder:

Open Letter to Injured Skateboarder: This letter is to the skateboarder who ran the stop sign Tuesday evening at St. Ann’s going onto Catalina.  First of all, I hope you’re OK – your knee looked pretty bad after you hit the back of my car.  My trim popped back in and the scuffed...

An Example of Criminal Self-Interest

Editor, Penn State officials lost sight of the fundamental reason for the existence of the higher education system, to educate, when they stonewalled the Sandusky crimes. They didn’t want to bite off the hand that was feeding them — a winning football program. It was...

Foreseeing Bike Sharrows for Laguna Beach?

Editor, In a 5-1 vote with one council member absent, the Newport Beach City Council recently approved the use of bicycle sharrows to be painted on Pacific Coast Highway in Corona del Mar. Sharrow symbols are traffic lane markers used to remind all road users the lane is...