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Still a Pit Stop for Presidential Hopefuls

BY SUZANNE DUNN Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stopped briefly last month. So did one of her Democratic rivals, New Mexico’s governor, Bill Richardson. Four years ago, so did presidential candidate Wesley Clark. While far from the nation’s Capital, Laguna holds its own as...

Tales of The Tell: Part 2

                      By Mark Chamberlain, Special to the Indy In the Spring of 1989, my partner Jerry Burchfield and I, with the help of scores of dedicated supporters, undertook the erection of the largest photographic...



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Street Beat


Moss Point Overrun by Contractors’ Trucks

Editor, On any given work-day in the two square blocks of Moss Point, we residents have suffered between 45 to 70  contractor vehicles per day parked on the public street. The contractor vehicles have taken 95 percent of all available spaces between 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday thru...

Appreciation for a Commitment to Arts

Editor, I just wanted to share our great appreciation for what the Indy has done to help with the outreach and presence of our museum. I know newspapers face many challenges these days and oftentimes the art writers seem the first to go. I am particularly grateful to Daniella...

Lots to Dislike on the Left, Too

Editor, When I read the opening line of Michael Ray’s column (“Who Got Worked?”) in the July 6 edition that stated “Republicans are great haters,” I felt there should be a counter point. There is a spiritual axiom that goes – you spot it, you got it. In my...