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Homework on Skateboard and Complete Streets

Editor,   Please google and read The Complete Streets Act for California and see how skateboarding may or may not be included as a part of this bill.   Not sure how skateboarding will save on fuel consumption and carbon footprint.  According to Councilperson Egly this...

Plenty of Christian Hypocrisy to Skewer

Editor:   Hey! Ben Earl, thanks for sharing (“Koran’s Exempt from Desecration?” Letters, Oct. 15).  Contrary to the last sentence of your emotional tirade, “Oh well, I guess only the Koran gets special treatment,” on the contrary, it’s been the Christian Bible that has for...

Laguna Generosity Rules!

Editor, Thank you Laguna Beach for once again rising to the occasion. We witnessed first hand the generous spirit of our town on Sunday, Sept. 12, as we hosted a benefit concert and silent auction at our home to raise funds for Materials Management Relief Corps (MMRC). Our...