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Animal Shelter Needs More than a Makeover

Editor, Let me preface my letter with the disclaimer that I am not discounting the damage that has been done to private homes and businesses in town with the recent flood. If you did not know, construction was just about to begin on a remodel of our town’s animal shelter. The...

Conflicting Views

Editor, In the short time John Pletig has been city manager, he has brought a breath of fresh air to our town. His waiving of rebuilding fees is great, but only til Jan. 10? This sounds too much like our last city manager. His leadership during the rains was great. A wall of...

Doctors of Dedication

Editor, While the whole downtown and all of the canyon was impassible the day after the big flood, our Laguna Beach Community Clinic was open for business and serving our citizenry. Even though Dr. Tom Bent’s own home had flooded, he, the clinic medical director, left his wife...