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Kudos to City for Flood Response

Editor, I’ve heard of trial by fire, but trial by flood is something new. The ink of freshly minted city manager John Pietig’s business cards had barely dried when our little hamlet was inundated with one of the worst floods I have ever seen here. I was downtown at around 5 a.m....

Early Storm Alert Much Appreciated

Editor, I want to extend a big thank you to the city for its very much appreciated and effective phone alert system. With all the media out there it’s sometimes impossible to get local news, and this flood proved how valuable the system is. Whoever put that together deserves all...

Keeping Teens in Plain Sight

Editor,   Dear Oak Street neighbor, Sorry my son and his friends annoy you. Teen-agers are annoying, and very often annoy me, too. However, if like you, I complained to the police every time I was annoyed by them, I would need a full-time officer assigned to me. Maybe you...