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Very Real Job Risks Require Training

Editor, I appreciated both the article and photograph from Editor Adelson (“Rookies Added to Laguna’s Force,” Oct. 1) Noel’s comment (Letters, “Questioning Photo of Rookies,” Oct. 8) that we are in Laguna so the rookies should be talking to the residents or homeless not...

Voting for View Protection

Editor, I strongly recommend that each and everyone of us take advantage of all public meetings and ask the candidates point blank what they are going to do to help families whose property insurance policies have been cancelled and help protect the value of our property.  ...

Who’s Responsible for Deadbeat Property Owners?

Editor, Who is responsible for property that is for sale/in foreclosure and/or up for a short sale? The property next to my home has been on the market for years now. Every spring, the dates from the big tree that is on that property fall by the hundreds on to my patio and in my...