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Plan Levies Fee on Four-Footed Beach Users

Editor, I want to begin by commending Laguna Beach for the wonderful Dog Park off Laguna Canyon Road.  It is a wonderful place for dogs of all sizes and breeds to romp freely. Unfortunately, there is no similar area along the waterfront where dogs can run and play ball with the...

Voting for View Protection

Editor, I strongly recommend that each and everyone of us take advantage of all public meetings and ask the candidates point blank what they are going to do to help families whose property insurance policies have been cancelled and help protect the value of our property. The fact...

Theatre’s Best Deserves a Full House at Home

Editor:   I love reading the “end of the year” lists and one online list recently caught my eye. The site is examiner.com, and included in the list of Best Theatre Directors in Orange County were two locals: Andrew Barnicle (Laguna Playhouse) and Steve Josephson (Gallimaufry...