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Facts vs. Scapegoats

Editor, I agree with Ganka Brown and her call to limit campaign spending for city council elections. How about an ordinance?   Oh yeah, we already have one. In fact, Village Laguna championed one several years ago and the City Council passed a $30,000 spending limit and because...

Bringing Laguna Up to Bike Speed

Editor, In support of “Give Bikes a Route” by Justin Gresh, the new policy for mobility from our Federal Department of Transportation gives equal consideration to pedestrians, bicycles, buses, and private automobiles. Adopting this policy into Laguna Beach’s general plan would be...

Day Without a Bag Was a Hit

Editor, The City of Laguna Beach wishes to thank all of the local volunteers and retail markets for making the Dec. 18 “Day Without A Bag” event a tremendous success. Despite inclement weather, over 1,700 free, recycled, reusable grocery bags were handed out to shoppers by...