Pearson Endorses Egly, Whalen


It is with enthusiasm that I share my endorsements regarding Laguna Beach’s City Council race – and to ask you to consider supporting my choices:  Jane Egly (an incumbent) and Bob Whalen (a current Planning Commissioner).

As many know, I have served on the City Council nearly 10 years, now – and before that, on the City’s Planning Commission for 6 ½ years.   During my tenure of service to our city, I have learned that to get anything done, one has to develop the skill of compromise and to learn how to work with those whose political beliefs don’t always agree with mine on a state and national level.  It is my belief that only in this spirit can one truly make a difference in public service.

I have served with Jane for nearly eight years on council, and I personally asked Bob Whalen to serve on the Planning Commission in the hopes that he would, one day, run for City Council.  He has performed exceedingly well for our city and now, in my view, “his time has come” to take more of a leadership role in policy.

Bob and Jane are moderate candidates. In addition to being extremely respected and well-educated, they are fair and even-handed in their decision-making.  They are great listeners and, most important of all, they treat the public with respect.

Bob is one of the most highly-regarded bond finance attorneys in the state (something that will be of great value on our council) and has served as president of both our school board and the Boys & Girls Club of Laguna Beach.  Jane is a recently-retired college educator, is all about “compromise”, and has a congenial style that works, especially when it comes to building consensus for the “greater good”.

Serving on your City Council over the next several years with Jane and Bob will mean we will be able to “get things done” in ways that have rarely been possible during my tenure at the city. I hope you will consider joining me in backing Jane and Bob.

I am grateful to those who have not only supported me and worked with me, but also who have influenced my growth as a leader, during my (nearly) 17 years of service to this special community we call “home”.


Elizabeth Pearson, Laguna Beach

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