Peeved Over Thoughtless Dog Owners



I have lived in Laguna Beach for 50 years, and never cease to love this beautiful town. The population is greater now – of both humans and dogs. I like animals very much, but often their owners are lacking in civility and health consciousness when it comes to taking responsibility for their dog’s excrement.

Most mornings I go to Lang Park on Wesley Drive where I live to walk barefoot around the perimeter a couple of times. I would like to be able to look up at the clouds, or watch squadrons of pelicans drifting by on updrafts, but I can’t because I have to look down to make sure I don’t step in dog poop. I don’t walk inside the perimeter, so I don’t know the extent of excrement that is there, but the amount on the perimeter is substantial. Why is this so? There is a free dispenser of plastic bags right at the entrance to the park. No charge. No obligation. It’s free! And it takes no time at all! Why don’t more people use them? Beats me! Late in the day I often see dogs, large and small running loose in the park, unsupervised by their we-can-do-no-wrong owners. It too accounts for the great influx of dog feces.

This is unhealthy for all of us who use the park, but some dog owners don’t seem to care. After all, it’s a free country and thoughtless at times.

Lyn Chevli

Laguna Beach

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