Pelvic Floor Muscles: What’s the Big Deal?


The third pillar of health is movement or exercise. Movement that keeps the curves in the right places and trims the places that need to be trimmed. I’m not referring to cookie-cutter, generic exercise programs. I’m talking about exercise and movement that awakens tiny muscles in the body which are dormant.

I’m referring to the intrinsic, deep underlying pelvic floor muscles. The pelvic floor muscles and the transverse abdominus muscles wrap around the waist and under the crotch like a corset.

We all need to awaken these muscles, strengthen them and integrate them with the rest of your core muscles – the outer unit. Or, what most people refer to as the “six pack”. Most workout warriors strive and settle for six pack abs…what about integrating the rest of the deep intrinsic muscle unit?

Many women (not just older women) and men too suffer or will suffer from incontinence. You’ve seen the daytime commercials or the boxes of Depends on the shelves at Costco! There are also Depends for men … not a pretty sight!

This means some people will be wearing adult DIAPERS due to weak pelvic floor muscles! Indeed, most fitness experts aren’t talking about this major, largely embarrassing issue: incontinence. Do you suffer from the “tinkles?” If so, I’d say, “it’s a big deal!”

Many incontinence issues can be resolved without dangerous drugs and invasive surgeries. And no, it’s not as simple as doing your daily Kegel exercises. It’s important to awaken, strengthen and integrate the pelvic floor muscles while you exercise.

In my experience, awakening, strengthening and integrating this tiny inner muscle unit with the outer muscle unit creates true core stability and will allow your body to function more optimally with greater strength into your golden years. And, most likely without the need of adult diapers!

What does this mean for you?

Patricia Garza Pinto is a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach and CHEK Corrective Exercise Coach certified by San Diego’s Paul Chek—a holistic health practitioner, neuromuscular therapist and founder of the C.H.E.K (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) Institute.  Patricia is also a second-degree Reiki Practitioner who has obtained additional personal training certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Council on Exercise.  Exemplifying  35 years of fitness and health experience, Patricia approaches wellness from many perspectives integrating them into a unified whole. Learn more by visiting where Patricia guides her clientele through their respective journeys of authentic self-discovery. (Visit the website or call 949-422-1168.)


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