A Picture Says a 1,000 Words


They say that a picture says a thousand words. I think that the photos on the fire in Bluebird Canyon (“House Saved From Brush Fire,” March 16 edition) says volumes and that does not include the comment on how the firemen had to fight terrain and vegetation (eucalyptus trees in the forefront and palm tree in the background and a lot of other stuff in between) in order to save the houses in that area.


A near disaster averted once again.  It could have been like the fire of ‘92 when Ann Christoph who was mayor and her passion for eucalyptus trees and excessive and rampant vegetation growth was the order of the day.  I shall never forget seeing the smoke and flames from my deck of that horrific fire.


Bluebird Canyon is virgin territory for fire and so is the canyon that straddles Bluebird and Arch Beach Heights. Luckily the winds were not blowing and the fire department was responsive.  Hopefully if we have fires in our town that they be close calls rather than a repeat of ‘92.


Thank your fire department for risking their lives to save property despite all attempts of homeowners in the area to encourage a fire.  Do readers remember the recent request by Edison to cut back that vegetation and residents resisting? Maybe an extra tax assessment for those living in this area and not mindful of common sense about vegetation/proximity to property/lives might be in order.


Ganka Brown, Laguna Beach

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