PIMCO founder can keep sculpture after resolving neighbor dispute

The glass art installation at Bill Gross’ home that sparked a feud with his Laguna Beach neighbor. Courtesy of Orange County Superior Court

After a nearly-two year dispute with their neighbors that sparked international headlines, PIMCO founder Bill Gross and Amy Schwartz Gross can keep a glass art sculpture at their Rockledge home.

Gross received approval from the Design Review Board about a month ago to keep the Dale Chihuly glass sculpture at 2475 S. Coast Hwy next to the property line he shares with Mark Towfiq and Carol Nakahara. Towfiq withdrew an appeal to the California Coastal Commission.

In December 2020, an Orange County Superior Court judge held that Gross and Schwartz harassed their Laguna Beach neighbors, playing the “Gilligan’s Island” theme song on a loop until they agreed to drop a code enforcement complaint.

“Amy and I are relieved we can finally enjoy our art in peace and in full compliance with the City of Laguna Beach,” Gross said in a press release Tuesday. “While we are pleased at the final outcome, it is disappointing that it took so long, cost too much, and diverted valuable city, state and court resources for what was essentially a dispute among neighbors.”

Gross and Schwartz pointed out that Towifq declined their offer to take the joint trial expenses totaling over $1 million and contribute them to Laguna Beach charities.

“The approval by the Laguna Beach Design Review Board and City of Laguna Beach exposes their true intent in this rather ludicrous situation,” Gross said in a press release.

The Laguna Beach Community Clinic received a contribution from Gross toward a $450,000 matching fund for its building modernization in 2021.

Towfiq and his attorney didn’t return calls seeking comment Tuesday.

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  1. Ah…the art of the SPIN. The one found at fault for harassment STILL plays the victim while calling the lawsuit and the other party involved ludicrous. Interesting how Gross(perfect last name…) tossed $$$$$ to the city…and then somehow got an approval for the blue glass spires the reach a height over the wall between the neighbors.

    Guess us regular schelps will never know the pain of being a billionaire.

    Did he and his wife REALLY like the Gilligan’s theme song that much…..???

  2. Btw, if I recall the original issue was regarding a large net that was placed over the sculpture, not the actual art installation. The net appears to be gone.

    Truly sad to see what a mean spirited troll Bill Gross has become. The videos showed a man that is deeply troubled. Everyone should be thankful not to be his neighbor.

  3. Even after his so-called “win,” Gross just cant keep his big, stupid, and entitled mouth shut.
    It’s true Bill Gross… your $1M Chihuly glass sculpture and all of your ridiculous PIMCO money couldn’t buy you a sliver of class. So very sad.


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