Pithy Ideas for City’s Traffic Message Boards



Re: witty traffic-safety slogans

I am a physician who has only lived in town for less than two years and already am very motivated to make Laguna even better than it is, which is great already.

This was a lot of fun. I got my daughter and my wife into it, and we laughed coming up with outrageous ones while also trying to hit on ones that would work and be acceptable.

Here is a list of suggestions. If they are too long, or whatever, please give me some feedback so we can work on fine-tuning. Perhaps there is a limit to the number of characters.

For example, can the message alternate between two phrases that work together? (The last one in the list is an example of that. It works similarly in either order.)

How long does the message stay in place, or can you modify that depending on how long it is? Is it capital letters only? All these details would help in the composition process.

Also, if you wanted to forward some of the suggestions you got that you think it might be useful to have someone else go through and pare them down or tighten them up or whatever, send them over.

So, here are a few:

Laaguuunaaaaahhh!  Relax. Slow down.

Don’t clown around; slow down around Laguna.

Slow is the new fast here in Laguna.

Every pedestrian is you. Don’t be suicidal.

Accidents don’t take holidays.

Slow down, the beach isn’t going anywhere.

Enjoy Laguna more in slow motion.

Slow down, you are already here!

Drive slowly, save a life and be a Super Hero!

Even The Flash drives slowly here.

Don’t clown around. Slow down around Laguna.

You are today’s holiday parade. Drive slowly.

Driving slow is tubular, dude.

Can you drive more safely than the other guy?

Live and let live. Drive carefully.

Are you driving too fast?  HELLO!!!

If you like these I’m sure we can come up more. Obviously you can take these and modify them however you like to make them fit, or whatever.


Gary M. Stewart, M.D.


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