Plan Levies Fee on Four-Footed Beach Users



I want to begin by commending Laguna Beach for the wonderful Dog Park off Laguna Canyon Road.  It is a wonderful place for dogs of all sizes and breeds to romp freely.

Unfortunately, there is no similar area along the waterfront where dogs can run and play ball with the waves.

After several discussions with other dog lovers along our cove in North Laguna, I am writing with a proposal.  We think it has merit because it would involve a short-term experiment and would not cost anything of the City of Laguna.  In fact, it might make money.  Here it is:

Proposal For A Laguna Dog Beach:

1. Set up a six-month experimental program to open a beach (or all beaches) to “off leash” dogs from 6-8: a.m. on weekday mornings.

2. To use the beach, all residents with dogs would be required to pay a fee for a “dog beach pass” ($50 to $100).  This would be similar to the Discovery Pass now paid by all residents of Los Angeles County to hike in the San Gabriel Mountains.

3. When the permit is obtained, dog owners would also receive guidelines explaining the importance of good beach maintenance and the responsibility of all citizens to help keep them clean.

4. The city would install adequate poles with doggy bags attached at the beach entrances.

5. Stiff fines would be imposed on any dog owner with an unleashed dog using the beach without a “dog beach pass.”

6. Experiment would be evaluated at the end of the six-month experimental period.

People know and love Laguna for its exceptional coastline and clean beaches. To make this work and keep their “dog beach passes,” dog owners would be expected to help maintain our spectacular shoreline and pristine beaches. Is the idea worth a try?  What do readers think?


Christle Balvin, Laguna Beach

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