Plant Choices Guided by Maintenance, Water Use

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I sincerely hope that the Beautification Council will take heed that we do not need any more eucalyptus trees in this town, especially in areas where the city has to maintain them. The cost to  trim and keep out of harms way has been and will continue to be astronomical. These trees are a fire hazard, ask anyone who has to deal with fire hazards.  Australia has recently battled another large eucalyptus driven fire in their suburbs.

SCE does the minimum maintenance on these trees and often under the watchful eyes of residents. These trees and those who are attached to them including Ann Christoph  (who was mayor when the great fire besieged our city and who designed now the defunct median which is visible as one enters the city from Laguna Canyon) and Village Laguna have created a very divisive line in our town, especially when it comes to view. I suggested to the city council three years ago that the system used to water this median was ineffective and inefficient. Only recently has the water been turned off.

I also hope that the Northfolk Island Pine is not on the list of potential plants. This tree grows up to 50-foot tall and not easily topped. I have seen several in town, most recently one at the Montage. Who put that one in the landscape plan? Plants considered should require minimum water, low maintenance, and still look good.  We don’t have enough staff in the parks department to properly take care of the plants in high use areas such as parks.  Also the sprinkler system design should be more efficient than what I have seen in town.


Ganka Brown,  Laguna Beach

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