Plea for a Redwood Cottage


This is in reference to the April 8 article in the Indy, entitled “Open Space Prevails At Big Bend.”

The cute little early 1920s one-bedroom brown craftsman cottage, all redwood, except for the outside front porch (no termites ever!), was the winner of a city beautification award. Most of the roof was covered with San Diego red bougainvillea. This was used as the office of Alan B. Clark, land surveyor, for over 45 years at 368 Third Street (where the community center is standing now).

I do hope it can be saved for the Wendt property on Arch Street, or somewhere else, or could be used as  a studio of some sort. It is so typical of early Laguna.

Please do not destroy it!

Ruth Clark, Capistrano Beach

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