Plenty of Christian Hypocrisy to Skewer




Hey! Ben Earl, thanks for sharing (“Koran’s Exempt from Desecration?” Letters, Oct. 15).  Contrary to the last sentence of your emotional tirade, “Oh well, I guess only the Koran gets special treatment,” on the contrary, it’s been the Christian Bible that has for too long received special treatment.

I did not desecrate the Koran because it’s not relevant to Laguna Beach that has a small Muslim population and no local mosque. Laguna has a majority Christian population supporting about 18 houses of worship.  So in celebrating International Blasphemy Day, it makes more sense to blaspheme the Bible than the Koran, no?

Contrary to being cowardly, desecrating Bibles and admitting doing so, even to the police, is a courageous act as well as it being an open and honest act.

I don’t recall reading an irate letter to the editor from you (or any other pious Christian) about child-raping priests, by their dastardly actions, defaming the moral teachings of the Bible. At least I’m honest and not hypocritical.

The church scandals and ensuing cover-ups demonstrated not only the moral hypocrisy of clergy and the church, but also the failure of the bible to instill morality. They’ve lost credibility and the deference once shown to them and their scriptures is no more.

Thus, I did not defer to them on International Blasphemy Day.  Understand?


Niko Theris, Laguna Beach

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