Police Veteran Turns in Her Badge

Sgt. Louise Callus
Sgt. Louise Callus

Investigations supervisor Louise Callus retired from the police department on Thursday, July 31, capping a 30-year career with Laguna Beach that began with a temporary summer job in 1984 as an unsworn parking control officer.

After getting rehired fulltime that fall, Callus stayed in that position three years and then retreated indoors to work four years in the city’s finance department.

While working on the civilian side, she attended the police academy and was hired as a sworn officer in 1991. In recent years, Callus acted as the department’s public spokesperson and supervised the 13-person investigations division. This includes detectives, a special investigations team, participation in the Orange County Auto Task Force as well as employees who handle property and evidence, act as court liaison and train personnel.

“My most favorite and most fulfilling time was as the D.A.R.E. Officer from 1993 to 1998. I love the interaction with the students, teachers and parents and even to this day, I have students who recognize me as Officer Callus around town,” said Callus.

In retirement, Callus, 50, hopes to volunteer as a youth mentor in the LGBT community. “Gay kids still have the highest suicide rate and are getting kicked out of their homes,” she said.

Callus intends to spend more time on her motorcycle, perhaps improve on her golf game back and make a dent in a stack of unread books.

Sgt. Tim Kleiser, who starts work next week, will succeed Callus, Capt. Jason Kravetz said.

“Her skills and abilities will be greatly missed, but we are all wishing her a joyous and w

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