Police Warn of New Scam Hitting Laguna

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By Allison Jarrell | LB Indy

The Laguna Beach Police Department recently warned residents and business owners of a new scam targeting Laguna.

Authorities said a caller, posing as a Southern California Edison employee, states that “Your bill is overdue, and your power will be shut off today if your bill is not paid by noon.” The caller then states, “Download this app and fill out all the information.” The app asks for your Social Security number and various other personal information. Officials have confirmed that this message is a scam and are telling residents to not provide any information.

“Please notify the Laguna Beach Police Department if you receive one of these calls,” city officials said in a statement. “Remember, when you receive a phone call that feels ‘wrong’ it often is. Stop, pause, ask a friend or call the police before you send money to anyone on the phone for any reason.

Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce executive director Paula Hornbuckle-Arnold said in an email that several local businesses have been contacted, some multiple times. She warned residents and business owners not to fall for other common scare tactics as well, such as virtual kidnapping and threats of jail time.

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