Power Down

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I’m calling for an immediate “Save It!”  campaign and asking everyone in the Southland to “power down” now and all this summer by ourselves instead of having the government tell us to do it during rolling  blackouts. Families in hot San Fernando Valley of course have to have air conditioning!  Maybe a few hours less each day?

San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant, vulnerable to tsunamis and earthquakes, has been inoperable since February due to leaks in poorly designed generators that cost over $600 million to install. I personally do not want it operational until I am assured by the Nuclear Power Regulatory Agency that it is absolutely safe, and even then I’ll be worried.  The people of Japan are so worried that they took all their nuclear power plants offline and the people are simply doing without while the nation turns toward other sources of power.   We can use less!  Save money at the same time!


Frances Heussenstamm, Ph.D., Laguna Beach

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