Praise for Article Describing the Push to Bury Utilities


Thank you for your excellent article on undergrounding! (Crash Spurs Advocates of Below Ground Utilities,” July 26).

As you may have found out from your own research, Edison actually does have a third transmission line coming into Laguna. City planner Steve May found this out from Edison. It’s very hard to see it from a car driving past the substation on Laguna Canyon Road, but if you stop and look hard enough, you can see it coming in from the State Park into the back of the substation. Phew! I am glad of that.

Not that Edison doesn’t have other things to scrutinize.  For example, I think Edison’s rates are about 17% higher than San Diego Electric’s in South Laguna. Hmmm, maybe I should become an Edison shareholder!

Anyway, thanks again for your fine reporting.


Chris Reed, Laguna Beach

The author is chair of the Temple Hills Homeowners Association.

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