Project’s Design Cues Degrade Canyon Aesthetic



 Laguna Canyon is the main entrance to our wonderful town and we need to try to maintain as much of its original beauty as possible. Most of us would agree that the drive into town is refreshing and starts residents and visitor’s alike feeling good about where they are going.

Unfortunately I believe the structure proposed as an “artist’s live-work space” will, if built as the developer has outlined, be a large step in the wrong direction. Possibly you have noticed the staking of the proposed new structure next to Canyon Animal Hospital, between Big Bend and El Toro Road.  It is huge, boxlike, flat roofed and not very attractive. Providing “live-work space for artists” is a wonderful idea that our town should wholeheartedly support, but I believe everyone and especially artists would agree that the structure should also be pleasing to the eye.  Pitched roofs would be a big help.

Looking closely at the staking also reveals that large mature trees on the site will need to be removed.  The concept is good but it needs to be done right!  Let’s don’t create the feeling of entering an industrial area. Take a look, and if you agree, you can express your feelings at the Planning Commission meeting Wednesday Sept. 25 at 6:30 p.m.

There is still time.  Write the Planning Commission a letter if you can’t attend!

Ralph Haun, Laguna Beach


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