Letter: Promenade Restaurant Windfall


The restaurants on the Forest Avenue Promenade have increased their revenues due to an increase in their seating capacity, without a corresponding increase in their costs. The cost of the additional seating space has, so far, been borne by the City.

If and when the Promenade project is completed and the restaurants expand into it, the value of their businesses will significantly increase. I hope the City will receive a fair market rental payment from the restaurants for their use of our public space.

Norman Powell, Laguna Beach


  1. If the costs have been borne by the city, that means, we the residents are paying for it, since when do the residents pay for the business’s? and why are only the Forest ave restaurant’s getting this freebie, what about other places in town? You hope the city will get a fair market rental payment? don’t most of these buildings belong to private individuals? and didn’t it used to be that people who owned business’s paid for these very extra amenities? The interesting thing again, is when people take the time and get the nerve to stand before council with obvious questions, there is never an acknowledgement or comment from the council, it’s like talking to a wall… Kinda like the current WH, no answers and no logic.


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