Public Safety Trumps Politics

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Only a vigorous police public safety law enforcement campaign on our Laguna streets and state highways can prevent road accidents. Increased police patrols with more car stops is what’s required to stem the tide of reckless and negligent drivers who cause injury, death, and suffering to innocent bikers, pedestrians and their loved ones.

During the recent 2014 Laguna Beach City Council election cycle, pedestrian and bike safety was the issue I chose to represent in my own campaign for city council.

Directly after the election two more people were struck; then two weeks ago, another man was hit and seriously injured; and just today, I read of three more innocent people who were, again, injured by vehicles on our streets.

Picture a child, an elder, or one of your own loved ones as the next victim and let our recently elected City Council know road safety is an urgent concern to citizens. Laguna Beach, our home, a town that cares deeply for issues of human rights and compassion for the suffering of others has lost control of citizen and visitor public safety.

I pray for a Laguna where a human doesn’t get hit on our scenic streets and highways every 16 days. Blinking crosswalks are only part of the solution. We need the Council to order our police department to begin an enhanced public safety campaign before more lives are shattered or lost!


Paul Merritt, Laguna Beach


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