Questioning Proposed View Rules

About 150 angry, well-organized people have continued a writing campaign to go after the airspace of their neighbors. They make it look like the new view ordinance law is too lenient. A clever approach. They have attended each meeting while only a few stalwart people who love trees have spoken against the ordinance as too harsh.

Right now any uphill neighbor can take out all vegetation over six feet for 500 feet below them and own that airspace as a deeded property right for the life of all those properties.

If this is not what you want for Laguna, email your City Council today and demand a neighborhood component that by law can save trees and vegetation as a view anywhere in the 500 foot radius of targeted trees.

Please don’t wait. Email today. Make the law clear: vegetation versus unobstructed blue water views must be by law a neighborhood decision, not one property owner.

Email today. Neighbors who look up the mountain have a right to vegetation in their view and many on the hills want trees popping into their ocean views.  Please don’t let this small group of people be the voice of Laguna.

Marni Magda, Laguna Beach

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