Questions About Candidates Whalen and Egly



Re: “Kelly Boyd Signals His Support,” Letters, Oct. 5.

Who is this Whalen person with the whale on his sign I see around town? Is he trying to get us to think he’s Wyland? Does he realize that whalers kill whales?  He was on the Planning Commission? The same Planning Commission that let the South Laguna historical site get demolished without permits than allowing them to get away with it with a slap on the hand by little or no fines. Why would we want anyone that supports demolishing historical sites on our council?

At the council meeting Oct. 2, the mayor, Jane Egly, started the meeting after public comments going over the social gatherings she had attended over the weekend of Sept. 29-Oct. 1. Most of these gatherings were worthy causes but one in particular that she had mentioned was not a social gathering but a memorial for a dear close friend of mine, Dr. Eugene Levin, who was a father figure to me. I was a little dismayed that she would consider this a social event.

Mayor Egly went on about her social calendar for about five or six minutes or so but when it came time for the citizens to speak their views regarding the Bluebird Canyon trees she cut our time back to two minutes, knowing all the time she and two of the other council members would not be voting to have another arborist’s report as a second opinion. It was obvious the decision was predetermined. She just didn’t want to hear about our opinions, but we had to sit there and hear about her social weekend. Mayor Egly just wanted to get home early. She didn’t care what the citizens think if they were against or if they were for taking them out; the council meeting was over by 9:30. Is this the kind of person we want on our council?

When a group of concerned citizens that live in Bluebird Canyon contacted Mayor Egly and Councilman Boyd on two separate occasions about the council meeting, they told them the meeting regarding the trees in Bluebird Canyon was on Oct. 16 not Oct. 2. Were they trying to deceive the group so they missed the meeting or don’t they know what council meeting is scheduled for what topic?

From a concerned, 50-year resident of Laguna Beach.


Liza Stewart

Laguna Beach

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