R Star Foundation ships personal pads for Nepali girls

An example of the R Star Foundation personal pad solution kits recently shipped to impoverished girls in Nepal. Courtesy of R Star Foundation

The R Star Foundation of Laguna Beach announced the first shipment of personal pad solution kits, washable and reusable pads for rural girls, was successfully transported to Nepal. Rotary Club Patan will deliver the kits and offer training on the use and care of the items.

“During COVID our incredible volunteers have been cutting, sewing, providing materials, putting the kits together,” founder Rosalind Russell said in a press release. “Nothing has stopped us from movement to lift and help meet female needs more than halfway around the world.”

Logistics has been challenging because the kits are carried by friends of the foundation traveling to Nepal. Any community members visiting Nepal in the near future are encouraged to share a little space in their suitcase for PPS kits.

This Mother’s Day, R-Star suggests donating in someone’s name to buy a goat for a Nepali woman. The prices range from $200 for a female to $275 for a male.

“Most of us have enough stuff,” Russell said. “You can make a meaningful gift to lift another while showing your heart for the one you are saluting.”

For more details, email [email protected], call 949-497-4911, or visit rstarfoundation.org.


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