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Thank you for your support of this column “Finding Meaning” in your local newspaper.  I was a 30-year resident of the city where my heart remains.  Since my six children have graduated college and moved on raising their own brood, I, too, moved on.

I returned to Laguna Beach recently to participate in the wedding of one of my grandsons, Tyler Kesler, whose parents, Keith and Shirlyn Kesler, still live there. I picked up two copies of the local paper both the one expiring and the other this week’s issue.  Thanks.  As I read the articles of happenings it brought back great memories of my children’s school experiences, particularly those about the high school sports where my children excelled. It was exciting to read of the sport teams success.

Religion has always been important in my families’ lives. I am asking that you include the printed version in the local paper not the digital online version of this column.


Paul M. Weenig, Salt Lake City, Utah.

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