Reader Raises Objections to Streetcar Idea

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A slow moving streetcar with a proposed route on Laguna Canyon down to Ocean Avenue is a critical part of our exit route for those living, working and visiting Laguna. Third Street (with a very steep grade) meets Forest, crosses Ocean and merges onto Laguna Canyon Road or Broadway Street. Glenneyre Street users can turn left to Beach Street, cross over Ocean and connect with Broadway. Those who frequent these routes know that traffic backs up, causing pollution from exhaust, and impatient drivers. More importantly, our main fire station and police station are located at the intersection of Forest and Third Street. As it is, they must fight traffic to answer frequent calls for help.

With a slow moving street car who has right of way? How far back will traffic be congested on Third, Forest, Glenneyre, Broadway and Laguna Canyon at certain times of day – tourist or no tourist?  What about emergency vehicles? How will they be impacted? Current parking areas also will be affected by this proposal.

One suggested MIG proposed was to move our library to another location in Laguna and build a multi level parking structure. With the price and scarcity of real estate, plus being part of the Orange County Library system, where can we move it?  Or can we legally move it?

Is the goal to make our town a congested megalopolis within our geographical confines?  Will tourists be eager to spend dollars to be stuck in traffic or circling looking for parking? Will families be able to stroll on congested sidewalks? Most importantly, will locals be able to enjoy their town? Will this really increase our bottom line when Laguna is no longer called Paradise but a nightmare destination?

Has MIG done a complete feasibility study including traffic patterns/impact on quality of life?  Suppose the city council decides to do this.  How will all of the proposed change affect our day-to-day lives and for how long? How many projects anywhere in the world have ever been completed on time and within cost? Could we stop it mid point? Once done, we would never be able to undo it.

I am a person for improving the quality of life, but will this project be worth it in the end?  Please make your voice be heard.

Ganka Brown, Laguna Beach



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